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20 Herbal Teas for Smoking Sampler Kit
20 Herbal Teas for Smoking Sampler Kit

You will receive 20 herbal teas that can also be used for a smoking alternative.

This sampler kit contains one-half (1/2 oz) of the following herbs:
1. Calendula
2. Catnip
3. Chamomile
4. Eucalyptus
5. Gingko Leaf
6. Lavender
7. Lemon Balm
8. Lobelia
9. Mullein
10. Mugwort
11. Passion Flower
12. Peppermint
13. Poppy Seed
14. Raspberry
15. Rose Petals
16. Sage
17. Spearmint
18. St. John's Wort
19. Strawberry
20. Valerian

These herbs are used in a pipe, with rolling papers or with the enclosed cones as a smoking alternative in place of tobacco or illegal herbs. You can mix them anyway you want to get the best possible smoking pleasure.

We do not condone the use of any herbs improperly. We do not accept responsibility for herbs that are not used in a proper manner.

While I try to maintain my inventory, selling in 3 venues, makes it hard at times, if I run out of a particular herb, I will substitute with an herb of equal use and value, so that you can get your order in a timely fashion.

All herbs in this sampler kit should be researched to find out various uses and to make sure you do not have any allergies to them. All suggested uses about this blend are suggestions and for entertainment purposes only.

Any use of any herb should only be under the direction of a trained medical advisor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

FDA Disclaimer: "Natural remedies, such as herbs, are not a substitute for professional medical treatment. We are not qualified to answer medical, behavioral or health related questions. We recommend that you review the information on alternative medical therapies and consult with your doctor or other medical professional before making any decision regarding their use in your medical treatment."

Price: $28.99

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