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70 Herb Sampler Kit with handmade muslin bag (3 inch by 3 inch) and charm
70 Herb Sampler Kit with handmade muslin bag (3 inch by 3 inch) and charm

In this herb kit; receive 70 herbs, one muslin bag, and a pendant/charm. You will receive more than one tablespoon amount or approx. in weight of 0.2 ounces. The herbs are bagged and labeled in a 2’x3’ or 3”x4” ziplock. Herbs are labeled for easy reference. Some of the herbs we offer are in powder form. See notes at bottom of listing. 1Allspice 2.Agrimony 3.Alfalfa Leaf 4.Angelica Root 5. Bay Leaf 6. Basil 7.Benzoin Gum 8. Black Tea 9. Blessed Thistle 10.Calendula (Marigold petals) 11. Cedar 12.Celery Seed 13. Chamomile Flower 14. Chaparral Leaf 15. Chickweed 16. Cinnamon 17. Coltsfoot 18. Copal 19. Coriander Seed 20. Dandelion Leaf 21. Dill Seed 22. Elderberry 23. Elder Flower 24. Fennel Seed 25. Fenugreek 26. Frankincense 27. Gotu Kola 28. Gum Arabic 29. Ginger Root 30. Hibiscus Flower 31. Hyssop 32. Lavender 33. Licorice 34. Lemon Balm 35. Marjoram 36. Meadowsweet 37. Mugwort 38. Mustard Seed 39. Nettle Leaf 40. Oats 41. Olive Leaf 42. Passion Flower 43. Pennyroyal 44. Peppermint 45. Pine 46. Pink Salt 47. Poke Root 48. Poppy Seed 49. Raspberry 50. Red Clover 51. Rice 52. Rose Hips 53. Rosemary 54. Sage 55. Sea Salt 56. Senna 57. Sesame Seed 58. Shave Grass 59. Shepard's Purse 60. Spearmint 61. St John's Wort 62. Strawberry Leaf 63. Thyme 64. UVA URSI 65. Valerian Root 66. Vervain 67. White Oak Bark 68. White Willow Bark 69. Wormwood 70. Yarrow Each buyer is responsible for all use of these herbs. Please note: We currently sell our products on 2 other venues. We try our very best to keep our inventory current, but there will be times when an herb or an item may be out of stock. If this happens, we will substitute an herb of equal value without prior notice to the buyer. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Please know that we cannot research any uses of the herbs for you. Please do your own research.

Price: $42.99

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